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Landlords Are Not ATM's!!!

I just had a really really ignorant conversation with a man who was trying to convince me that his landlord, had no humanity, because he evicted him and his girlfriend, after not getting the rent for 4 months and felt he should have continued to wait for the rent until the girlfriend got her disability check, after having had a heart attack and a stroke. Owa…kaaaa…ya, how long did this narcissist want the landlord to wait; until the he was foreclosed on??


I’m aware “ish” happens to people. The average person has or will have financial difficulties in their lifetime. That's nothing new!! But why should the landlord have allowed his girlfriend’s medical condition to create a financial burden for him?? Why didn't the boyfriend pick up the slack and pay the rent until her disability check came in?? Afterall, isn't that why people shack up together; to be a team! So when one person can't, the other one should!! Not for nothing, but if my man can't pay the rent by himself without my contribution, then we have NO REASON to live together. We might as well live seperately and pay our own bills. Sorry, I'm old fashioned that way. So yall are welcome to kick my back in about that one!! LOL.

Humanity cuts both ways, so why didn’t the man & woman have any humanity for the landlord and MOVE THE HELL OUT of the apartment, so the man could rent the space?? Even IF they SO CALLED had nowhere to go, how is that the landlords problem?? The minute the girl was out of work they should have given the landlord 30 days noticed and bounced!! As my mother used to say, "that would have been too right!!" They should have put their stuff in storage and moved in with framily or friends?? Maybe they didn't do that because they burned bridges with them?? Or go to a homeless shelter?? Or call The Red Cross?? Anything would have been better than hijacking the landlords apartment. That's down right ghetto!! That kind of behavior is more telling of their lack of character and integrity than the lanlords so called lack of humanity.


Do people think landlords are their daddy and should help them when their down and out?? Here's a thought, WHERE WAS THEIR SAVINGS!! You mean between two people, they don't have enough money saved up for a rainy day, like unemployment, where they are able to pay their rent for at least 6 months?? Yes, I'm aware that the economy is a hot mess! Yes I am aware that many of us are living pay check to paycheck and unemployment would fast track most of us to eviction. I totally get it. Again, if I'm living with a man and WE can't do better together, then we need to stay our broke a_ses by ourselves!! LOL.

Oh and the coup de grace, the man is mad because the landlord filed a statewide lean against him for the back rent he owes, also reported it to all the credit reporting agencies and now it's stopping them from getting approved for apartments. PERFECT!! Did this man care that he was stopping the landlord from renting the space?? So why should the lanlord care about stopping them from renting a new apartment!! As the saying goes, "all is fair in love and war!!"

Little did this selfish fool know, I've been both landlord and tenant so his boo hooing was falling on def ears!! #ICaaaaant!! Talking to this miscreant ‘motherclucker’ made my ‪#‎brainbleed‬!! What is that!!?? OMG, IS IT ME!!???

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