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Rich Poor People....Really??

Who gives a flying 'cluck!!' if bratty rich folks worry about money!! REALLY?? REALLY rich people?? You've gotta be kidding me!! I thought I heard it all until I read this #Forbes article about how rich people are anxious about being poor. Isn't that an oxymoron?? LOL. Ok, according to Forbes, it's the top 10% of the wealthy people who worry the most about poverty, because having more, does not cause less anxiety. Are they “for-real!!??” Did the writer of that article bump her head?? Were my eyes deceiving me?? Well, if that's the case, then what the hell does having less cause!!?? DEATH!! LOL.


I'm very sorry, but I can't even wrap my brain around some spoiled, little rich, snob, chilling on their Yacht, cruising around the South of France, while sipping on $3,500,000 per bottle #TequilaLey925,nibbling on scones, while boo hooing to their filthy rich peeps, about how they are stressed out and anxious because they'll ONLY have a "kabillion" dollars in their retirement fund. Are these people that disconnected from reality?? OMG IS IT ME??

Listen, please don't take my rant to mean that I'm in anyway, prejudice against the rich. If a person is rich, woo hoo, they're rich!! Goody goody for them. I am fully aware that plenty of people went hard to achieve the success they have, like #OprahWinfrey, #TylerPerry, #BillGates, ok #DonaldTrump, I'll throw him in too, what the heck!! They've earned every penny and shouldn't apologize for enjoying it!! And hell, it really doesn't matter to me even if they were born into money like #ParisHilton or inherited their riches. Once the money is yours, it's yours!! How one acquires money, is immaterial, except if aquired through ill-gotten gains. So don't get it twisted, there is no jealously or envy on my part for the rich, because it won't change the fact that I'm poor!! LOL.

YES, I'm aware that rich folks lose businesses, family wealth and go "so called" bankrupt. But c'mon, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RICH POOR PEOPLE!! In hard times, they may lose summer homes, memberships to country clubs, may no longer be able to afford to buy Beluga Caviar or get evicted from their castle. WOW, I'm laughing out loud as I write that ridiculous sentence. LOL. But when hard times hit for actual poor people, their lights get turned off! Their hoopty (car) gets repossessed! They don't have ANY food to eat!! They get evicted from their primary residence! So you can't put a rich person's imagined anxiety about money, in the same sentence with a poor persons actual anxiety about money; that's a cruel joke!!

Ok, here's my issue; with all the #poverty, #homelessness, #joblessness, #suffering and financial ruin that's happening in our communities all over the country today, how in good conscience can Forbes even publish an article allowing these well off wackos to complain about their impending homelessness on the hill?? If the shoe fits, wear it!! If it don't apply, let it fly!! LOL. Bottom line, what REAL poor person wants to read about rich folks blubbering on and on till the break of dawn about their foolish fears of a not so opulent future?? It's DISRESPECTFUL!! It's BAD FORM!! It's IRRESPONSIBLE!! It's WACK!! #SMH!! So rich people, please don't drag us into your conversations, with your trust fund friends, about your richless anxieties. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat!! Talk that meaningless crap amongst yourselves, because we poor folks have bigger fish to fry; LITERALLY!! With that said, let me go, #ItsTimeToMakeTheDonuts!! LOL. #DropTheMic!!


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