#OMG!!, OMG!!, OMG!!, OMG!! Yesterday after I tweeted that I’ll be covering Oprah's The Life You Want Tour in ‪#‎Newark at the ‪#‎PrudentialCenter, #OprahWinfrey followed me on Twitter!! YAAAASSS!! No, this news isn't going to cure cancer!! But y’all don’t understand, I interview celebrities all of the time, so I’m far from star struck, #Trust!! The thing is, #Oprah is my religion!! LOL. I would follow Oprah to hell in gasoline draws for an interview!! What?? Y’all don’t know?? Ask my sister Daphne, she’ll tell you. I have been on Oprah since 1986. I am her biggest fan!! I’ve watched her talk show for 25 years!! I've read every article ever written about Oprah in her career! I Subscribe to O Magazine!! I’ve watched every interview every conducted on her!! I’ve seen every television movie, special and feature film that she’s every produced!! As we speak I’m ordering her new book, #WhatIKnowForSure!!

I'm also an #OWNer which is a community of passionate OWN viewers. OWNers get "first-look" access to photos, show clips, sneak peeks and more. They also are invited to chat live with favorite OWN stars and be among the first to preview brand new shows—it's like having a backstage pass to your favorite network, OWN. I






#IyanlaFixMyLife, to name a few.

I have a PHD in #Oprahology!! LOL. I’m the only one who can write her unauthorized biography and do it justice!! LOL.