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Beyonce JayZ's Fake Kiss @ VMA's

Beyonce and JayZ weren't fooling me with their scripted display of a loving couple at the VMA's last night!! I'm still waiting for them to say, "CUT!" That entire scene was as fate as a $3 dollar bill!! Yes, it was very cute....BUT...think about it...Beyonce ain't been putting her personal life out there on the hoe stroll, so why is she pimpin it now?? That cold kiss between Bey & J reminded me of the Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley creapy, bootleg Kiss at the 1994 VMA's. When ANY couple, expecially celebrity couples like JayB, TRY THAT HARD to convince us that their marriage is strong, I think that the divorce lawyer is waiting back stage with a pen for them, singing Ushers's lyrics, "ready to sign them pay-pas!!??"

And please don't tell me that their relationship is none of our business. Yall already know what I feel about that, that horse has left the barn!!

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