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Aaron Hernandez You Are A $40 Million Dollar Fool!!

Clearly Aaron Hernandez smokes weed!! Because NOBODY in their right mind would blow a friend’s brains out because you don't like the fact that they are speaking to your enemies. Who the hell does that?? Does this stupid 'motherclucker' know you aren't the boss of grown people!!?? Who raised this miscreant; a pack of wolves!!?? Anywhoo, this monster has been found guilty of 1st degree murder of his frenemy Odin Lloyd and rightfully so!! To make matters worse, this narcissistic, nut job is gonna appeal!!?? Ok, whyyyyyah?? This bonehead needs to lay on several couches!! OMG, IS IT ONLY ME??

When I posted my thoughts on Facebook, my bleeding heart friend, Keith Gupton, tried to convince me that #AaronHernandez didn’t know any better because he had a dope fiend for a mother and a disappearing act father as parents. Well, I guessed the man wasn’t raised!! Trust me, I totally get that the family and environment you’re brought up in, has a lot to do with how your life turns out as an adult. Some people break the cycle of sickness!! Some people don’t!! However, the violins are NOT playing!! Don’t cry for him Argentina!! Lets be real clear, a lot of people had no father in the home and were raised by a crack addicted mother who turned tricks to make ends meet, but they don’t go around blowing peoples brains out for no good reason!!

Keith even tried to throw in the ole, “he has mental illness defense.” Really Keith, Really?? Ok, for those of you who may agree with that, I’ll run with it for argument sake. Read this statistic and weep!! Every year, about 42.5 million American adults suffer from some form of mental illness but most of them don’t go around murdering people for no good reason. NOPE!! So let’s get back to my original thought, Aaron Hernandez MUST be on drugs!! I’m sorry, only a person who’s mind has been altered by illicit drugs would do something that irrational!! I bet if he were given a drug test they would find the culprit!! #Weed, #Coke, #CrystalMeth, #Heroin, #Crack; either way it’s all wack!!

Then my boy Keith tried to say that being from the hood and running with gangs when he was a kid, could also be why Hernandez’s behavior is out of control!! I hate when people throw in that, “they had a bad childhood” defense as a means for us to some how empathize with the perpetrator, rather than the victim. THAT REALLY MAKES MY #BRAINBLEED!! First of all, I AM an around the way girl!! Yes, I’m from the hood too!! I’m from the hood of Newark, NJ!!! And I still live in the hood of Newark, NJ. I know exactly what it is!! So folks can save that, “I’m from the hood” sob story for those middle class folks who care to listen!! Because I’m not!! Of course, I am aware that there are better opportunities if you grow up in the suburbs. Yes, I am aware that there are better school systems in the suburbs. Yes, I am also aware that there are more kids from the suburbs who go to college and get hooked up. Ok, aaaand!! Again, most people from the hood don’t go around shooting their “homies” in the head!! We really don’t. I don’t own a gun!! I’ve never owned a gun!! I don’t wanna ever own a gun!! I’ve never seen a gun! I’ve never shot a gun!! And I don’t ever plan on shooting a gun!! PERIOD!! Oh, here’s a news flash, I’m from the hood and so are most of my friends and they don’t do guns either. Yeah, really!! So I have absolutely no patience for stupid ‘mothercluckers’ like Aaron, who GOT OUT of the hood, became the $40 million dollar man and don’t have the good sense to stop his ignant a_s from hood behavior!!

'Cluck' gangs!! They're not family!! They ain't nothin but a gaggle of punk a_s fools, who prey on other punk a_s fools like themselves, to forge a sick, twisted, dysfunctional, bond, in order to turn around and terrorize the neighborhood!! The bottom line is, they really ain't “ish” individually. Sorry, I’m not impressed!! They can all take a long walk off a short bridge!! Of course I don't expect little wayward boys to know that. Because they don’t have the self esteem to see through the hype. Aaron Hernandez however is a grown a_s man!! With a grown a_s career!! As a grown a_s professional football player!! On a grown a_s NFL team!! What the hell was he doing running around with his “homies” like he is still some little street kid with no direction and no purpose!!?? And the fact that this inane drone is still “about that life!!” That hood life!! Tells me he ain’t ready yet!! As my father always says, “experience is NOT the best teaching, LEARNING is the best teaching!!”


Aaron Hernandez taken awayNO, Aaron Hernandez didn’t’ kill his frenemy Odin Lloyd because he had a troubled childhood!! NO Aaron Hernandez didn’t kill his frenemy #OdinLloyd because his mother was a crackhead prostitute!! NO, Aaron Hernandez didn’t kill his frenemy Odin Lloyd because he had an absentee father!! Because if that were the case, a whoooooole lot of at risk youth from the hood would grow up to be murders and that’s just not the case!! Aside from a possible drug problem, the only other reason I can think of is, Aaron Hernandez killed his frenemy Odin Lloyd because he had an “S” on his chest and thought he was invincible!! His star status as a professional athlete was his religion!! Or maybe he thought he was above the law!! Who really knows?? But as Oprah says, “what I know for sure” is, now he’s exactly where he belongs, his new hood, Cell Block H!!! LOL. Here is the first line from my jailhouse letter to him, “Aaron Hernandez, You Are A $40 Million Dollar Fool!!


Welp, “You have entered MY WORLD!! Where I tell it MY WAY!!”

Image/s via Abc7chicago.com, Usmagazine.com, cnn.com

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