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Mary Kay Letourneau STOP IT Hefa!!

Did y’all watch that Barbara Walters #ABC2020 interview with child rapist Mary Kay Letourneau, her victim and now husband Vili Fualaau, Friday, April 10, 2015?? Well I did and IT MADE MY BRAIN BLEED!! For starters, I was pissed from the teaser, because ‪#‎LaraSpencer is referring to what #MaryKayLetourneau did as, "having had an affair with #ViliFualaau?? And falling in love with him?? This kind of soft journalism, makes my 'motherclucking' #BrainHemorrhage!!  NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!! YOU CAN'T HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH AN UNDERAGED CHILD!! NOR CAN YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH AN UNDER AGED CHILD!! IT'S RAAAAAPE!!  Not a relationship!!

First of all, if #MaryKayLetourneau were a man, THAT BABS INTERVIEW WOULD HAVE BEEN TOUGH, TIGHT AND FILLED WITH WORDS LIKE RAPE, CHLD MOLESTER AND PEDEPHILE!! Nobody would have let a man "live" before, during or after his prison sentence. He would be treated like a monster!!

Second of all, this marriage would not, could not, have happened!! Our society would have fried him and buried him alive!! Or, he would have still been chilling on Cell Block H, in his orange jump suit!! Am I right!!??

It you missed it, watch my VLOG!! I tell you what I really thought as I was watching this train wreck!! Oh, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel and also share if you care!!

Welp, “You have entered MY WORLD!! Where I tell it MY WAY!!”

Image/s via Heidi Gutman/ABC & Alan Berner/AP Photo

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