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Hollywood Actor Stephen Collins, Under Investigation For Child Molestation!

OMG!! actor ‪#‎StephenCollins from the show 7th Heaven, is being investigated by‪ #‎ManhattanSpecialVictimsSquad, for allegedly, confessing to his wife on tape, during a counseling session in 2012, that he molested children.‪ #‎DISASTER!! ‪#‎Nasty! ‪#‎Rapist! As usual, ‪#‎TMZ broke the story after his wife made the tapes public, now that they’re getting a divorce. This freak admitted to molesting 10, 11, & 12 year old girls as far back as the 1970’s. He also allegedly raped his niece!!‪ If that’s true……#‎ICaaaaaant!!

What’s really making my ‪#‎BrainBleed is that the wife allegedly KNEW about it back then, but stayed with him?? REALLTY!! What an idiot! What a sick pup!! If you listen carefully to the tapes, it's clear that she never reported it because he said it happened once?? What kind of woman lets a man touch her after knowing he rapes children?? I would have barfed all over the house!! I would have screamed to the roof top for him to get his sh_t and get out!! I would have had the NYPD on speed dial!!

Doing nothing possibly put this sexual predator in the position to continue to rape and rape and rape and rape and rape children, time and time again!! If she knew, she had the power to stop it and save kids from being victimized, but she stood by and acted as if they had some kind of lovely marriage?? Was this chick so desperate for money that she traded in kid’s lives for the ole mighty dollar?? #WOW!! In my Oprah voice: "what I know for sure is, if it’s true, she’s just as nasty as Stephen, so she also needs to find out the true meaning of orange is the new black!! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS TAPE!! VERY DISTURBING!!

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