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Racist Statement Plagues Daytime Show The Talk

Did I just hear #SarahGilbert on #TheTalk make a racist statement saying she fears her relationship with her mate, moving down the "#TotemPole??" WOW!! That's a NO NO!! I cringed as she said it. I literally screamed at the television aloud as if she could hear me: "Sarah nooooo!! Sarah nooooo!! Retract girl, girl retract!!" Of course I knew she couldn't hear a darn thing I was saying. It was just my knee jerk reaction.

I really love Sarah Gilbert and have enjoyed her on The Rosanne Barr Show and now on The Talk. She appears to be one of the most positive, peaceful, people in Hollywood, so I really don't think that she realized she said "Totem Pole." But I'm hoping that #TheTalk sees my post so they can give her a chance to apologize and to be mindful of what she says going forward.

I am aware that it's very very hard to wash these kinds of statements out of our vocabulary but we all must make the effort. If I were in her position I'd want someone to bring it to my attention.

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