* Little 19 year old girl, YOU DON'T need to be engaged to NOBODY!!!

* Little 19 year old girl, YOU DON'T need to be trying to move into an apartment with no man!! YOU NEED to have your naive a_s in college somewhere getting an education!!

* Little 19 year old girl,YOU DON'T need to be trying to play house, YOU NEED TO BE hanging out with your friends, having fun and being carefree!! In my Oprah voice, What I Know For Sure Is...NOBODY at age 19, in The United States Of America, in 2014, should be engaged to be married to NOT a D_mn!! #PERIOD.com!! That's a #disaster waiting to happen!!

* Little 19 year old girl, YOU THINK you're a grown woman, BUT YOU'RE NOT!! At worse, you are a #womanchild at best, you are a young lady!! So STOP your #shananagans!! DON'T listen to that #manchild who has your runny nose wide open, cause he's about to drag you down in a the ditch with him, that you know nothing about and at this age, should know nothing about!!

* Little girl, where are your parents?? Were you raised?? Are you rebelling?? Did you bump your youthful head?? What's your deal young lady?? Are ya dumb?? YOU NEED to stay your dippy a_s home with your parents and complete gestation because you're acting like an embryo and that ain't cute!!

* Yes, I know you love him!! Yes I know the sex is good! But YOU NEED to know that the biggest sexual organ is your brain and when you walk across a stage to accept a degree, that's an orgasm that NO PENIS can EVER give you. NOT EVEN LL Cool J's!! LOL.

* Yes 19 year old little girl, meeting you yesterday made my #BrainBleed, which was my inspiration for writing this today; to impart this message upon you and aaaaall your 19 year old peers, and I quote, "What You Need To Know, Is That You Don't Know!!" #DropTheMic

#OMGeeee-ah, is it meeee-yah!!???