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Lisa Durden With Ernie Enastos On Fox 5 News Live At 6pm

My appearance tonight @ 6pm on Fox 5 News LIVE, with @Ernie Anastos was amazing!! We discussed the benefits of President Obama's Community College Plan. I'm all for his initiative 100%!! I'd rather my tax dollars pay for education, than pay for prison!!


I'm not just saying this because I'm an Adjunct Professor at Essex County College in Newark. I'm in support of the program because I'm single and childfree and hope that whom ever is taking care of me, as I convalesce in an assisted living home, that the caretaker can read and follow the directions on my prescription bottle!! Dispense with food!! LOL!! WE NEED A QUALIFIED, SKILLED, WORKFORCE!! That's it and thats all!! And a free college education is a good place to start.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been proud of me today because I overcame to make it to Fox Studios, ON TIME AND RET TA GO! Here's how my day went: I had a two hour window to leave East Harlem at 2:45!! Run home to Newark!! Throw some oil, water, and Cream Of Nature, Perfect Edges gel on my hair, to tame my nappy mane! LOL. Tie it down with a scarf! Arch my why brows!! Shave my mustache and goatee!! LOL. Yes, you heard me!! Got dressed!! Throw on my foundation and ride my crazed, exhausted a_s, BACK TO NEW YORK all by 5pm. Just in time to get my face snatch by the make-up artist before the broadcast. WHEW!! Lisa doesn't know the definition of the word no!! Being tired matters a dayum!! Because her mantra is, "Lisa gurl, you have enough time to rest, when you die!!" LOL. I think Brother Martin would appreciate that philosophy. And scene!!

Pop Culture Commentating is my religion!! That's why I majored in communications at Seton Hall University because when I'm sharing my "straight no chaser" views on hot topics, I'M IN HEAVEN!! However, my goal is to always educate and entertain. I love to laugh so I let the humor do what it do!!

PS, Ernie Anastos is still very Hubba Hubba. I don't usually find older men attractive but he is a CAT DADDY!! Meow!! LOL . If you missed it, watch it online @ Fox5ny.com.

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