Maybe I'm old school but little boys SHOULD NOT be rocking earrings in either ear like a bootleg Baby from Cash Money Millionaires; NO, NO, NO and NO!!!

> Little kids SHOULD NOT be allowed to dye their hair like they're a model in a Loreal Commercial!!!

> Little boys SHOULD NOT BE SAGGING, that's a nasty #DISASTER #PeeeeU!!

> Little girls SHOULD NOT be wearing poom poom shorts with their butt cheeks dripping from the bottom, dropping it like it's cold!!

> Little girls SHOULD NOT be half naked backing that thang up like they're on a stripper pole trying to make it rain!!

> Little girls SHOULD NOT be dressed like Madonna in her hay day from her Truth Or Dare video.

#STOP IT!! STOP IT Parents!! Y'all need to get yourselves together!! Your children are not your friends!! So when they want to wear age INAPPROPRIATE fashions, your answer should beeeeeee, #NO!! No to the tenth power!! No in 40 languages!! Just good old fashioned, NO!!

Your children deserve an education, not a place on America's Next Top Model!! #OMG is it me!!!???