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It's Your Call...

The Mike & Juliet Show

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Pop Culture Commentator - Bio

  • Lisa is a sought after Pop-Culture/Political Commentator booked to share her “keep it real,” “straight no chaser” view, on all things pop culture. Appearing on Fox 5 News Live at 6pm with Ernie Enastos and as a Regular Expert Guest on nationally syndicated radio and network shows like FOX 5’s “The Morning Show w/ Mike & Juliet,” FoxNews.com’s “The Strategy Room,” Comcast’s “It’s Your Call: With Lynn Doyle,” My9 News and 98.7 Kiss FM’s the “Michael Baisden Show,” to name a few. Lisa is the host of her self-titled talk show, The Lisa Durden Show,  airing in over 1 million…
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