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Not Cooking From Scratch On Thanksgiving Is Wack!!

I’m not a foodie. I don’t live to eat, I eat to live!! I don’t even plan meals. I think about what I wanna eat once I feel hungry. But don’t get it twisted, I do love food!! However, I love to eat good food! Which is why I think not cooking from scratch on Thanksgiving is WACK!! If you are cooking for Thanksgiving and you’re making #StoveTopStuffing, frozen #CollardGreens, canned #GreenBeans, #KraftMacaroniAndCheese, lose my number!! Because I will NOT be RSVP’ing for that sloppy, bootleg mess!! I don’t play that!! Who does that?? In my #TamarBraxton voice, “get-cha life!!” Everything on the Thanksgiving Day menu should be cooked from scratch!! THE SAME DAY!! Nope, I don’t do leftovers on gobble gobble day either!! So don’t play that lazy game of cooking and freezing your food the day before or the week before, then warming it up on turkey day; I’m not feeling that either!! #DISASTER!! Thanksgiving happens once a year, so if you plan on hosting din din at your house, commit to going hard in the kitchen! THAT’S IT & THAT's ALL!! OMG IS IT ME??

Years ago, I made the mistake of accepting an invitation from a guy I was seeing, to go with him to his moms house for Thanksgiving, from where I lived in Newark, aaaaaaaaalll the way to Philadelphia, PA no doubt and when it was time for dinner, they served up my entire list of no, no’s!! My eyeballs popped outta my head when I looked down at my plate and saw that wet, mushy, Stove Top Stuffing, those weak, soft canned string beans, those tough frozen collards and that sloppy, loose, juicy, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Just the thought of eating that freeze dried garbage made my #BrainBleed!! I was thinking “what the hell??” But out of respect, I bit may tongue. Actually, it tasted better than the food on my plate!! LOL. The meal was so nasty, I almost threw up in my mouth!! Frankly, I don’t even eat that kind of prepared foods, hot mess, on a regular day, so that was NOT gonna happen on the biggest fun food day of the year.

What really bugged me out was that his mother was older. You know, a mom! A woman of a certain age. Not some young chicky chicky!! Maybe it’s me but when somebody says their mother is cooking, I automatically think she can throw down in the kitchen. Clearly I “ass-umed!!” LOL. In my little southern world, your mother, your auntie and your grandmother are the women who are famous for fresh, fabulous, food!! I’m talking real butter, chopping up greens, kneading dough for pies, stuffing made from real cornbread, real extra sharp cheddar cheese in the backed mac & cheese, snapping gigantic bags of fresh green beans, peeling and boiling yams, brown sugar, cinnamon, pure vanilla flavoring, chopped celery & onions, fresh eggs. I can go on and on and on till the break of dawn but y’all get the point. Thanksgiving is about all of those nice smells!! Thanksgiving is all about those seasonings and spices!! Thanksgiving is all about those nice flavors!! Thanksgiving is all about putting your soul into the food!! And sorry, they don’t sell souls in bags, boxes and cans. LOL

I don’t know about y’all, but on Thanksgiving day I starve myself so that I can clear the entire space of my stomach, to welcome and ingest embarrassing amounts of delicious, homemade food and deserts!! Needless to say, I played myself that day and left his moms house as hungry as I came. But not this year!! Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me. TRUST, this year, Lisa acted like she knew!! So I went to my cousin Arenda’s house to get my eat on, cause I knew “err thang” was gonna be uber fresh!! Homegirl can burn!!! Everything was finger licking yummy; including the leftovers!! #YAAASSS!!

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