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The Broadcast Of Lisa's Top 10 Celeb. Ups & Downs Of 2014

If you didn't get a chance to read my yearend rant called, Lisa’s Top 10 Celeb. Ups & Downs Of 2014, on my blog post, then you're in for a bigger treat!! Because you can watch it tonight on #TheLisaDurdenShow, @ 6pm, Tuesday, January 6th, on Newark, Cablevision, Channel 19. For those of you who live in Manhattan, don't fret, it premiers on Manhattan Neighborhood Networks, 5:30pm, tomorrow. Wednesday, January 7th Channel 56. For the rest of you curious folks, you can enjoy it online @ www.mnn.org, 5:30pm, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 7th, log on, select channel 2, Lifestyle 


Oh and check out my fashion swag. I styled myself for the taping. It's actually a rerun outfit from New Years Eve 2013, but I figured, if the First Lady Michelle Obama can repeat her clothes, what's my problem!! Actually, I'm really starting to embrace my 180 pounds of meaty curves. LOL. By the way, My face was snatched by make up artist Tanika Green. Do you like the green lip?? Be totally honest!!

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