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Brick City the Docu-Series

Featured Brick City the Docu-Series

Lisa Durden was Associate Producer of the Sundance Channel's, critically acclaimed, award winning, 5 part docu-series, Brick City 1 (Executive Produced by Forest Whitaker & Directed by Mark Levin) 

Brick City 2

Lisa Durden was the Researcher of the Sundance Channel's critically acclaimed, award winning, 6 part docu-series, Brick City 2. Dashaun Jiwe Morris, an African American Literacy Award winning author of "War Of The Bloods In My Veins" and star of  "Brick City," winner of the prestigious, Peabody Award and Emmy nominee!  (Executive Produced by Forest Whitaker & Directed by Mark Levin) 

Screening Of Brick City Docu-Series Gallery



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