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ABOUT - Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions


Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions is a Multi-Media Company, headquartered in the State of New Jersey, that specializes in creating award winning content across various platforms for television, the web and live audiences. Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions was launched in 2005 by television personality, motivational speaker and Executive Producer, Lisa Durden. Our mission for the organization is to create quality programming and to tell compelling stories, with big, entertaining, characters!!

For over a decade, we’ve created independent projects and produced freelance unscripted, lifestyle, reality, docu-series and documentary programs, for production companies and broadcast networks.  The highly rated, award winning original programming, has been seen on top television, cable networks and online channels such as PBS, The Sundance Channel, BET News and BET J, WorldChannel.com. Log onto www.LisaDurden.com for content details.


Whether you are a production company, non-profit/for-profit organization, college/university, primary or secondary educational institution or corporation, people are your most valuable resource! So creating and implementing soft skills programs for today’s workforce, to compliment their expertise, is not only smart, it’s prudent!! That’s what makes Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions so unique!! We are a full service, Multi-Media company that knows the value of providing the human relations and professional development training needed for individuals in all professions, careers and educational pursuits.  In order to acquire the perspective, framework, and tools necessary to engage others in strategic decision making and lead the broader strategic conversations required to outperform competitors and shape the long-term health of your team or enterprise, this type of training is key!


Listed are some of our most popular workshops and programs, created and implemented to help individuals and organizations become the most succeed!!

* Panel Discussions               * Screenings & Q&A’s            * Conferences 

* Power of Multi-Media           * Social Media Messaging       * Live Streams                    

* Arts Education Programs     * Keynote Speaking             * Customer Service 

* Career Day Presentations    * College To Careers            * Internship Readiness  

* Leadership Development     * Communication Skills         * Collaboration Skills      

* Team Building Skills            * Time Management Skills     * Conflict Resolution      

* Stress Management Skills    * Building Self-Esteem         * Staff Development 

* Negotiation Skills                * Networking Skills              * Anger Management      

* Assertiveness Skills             * Business Writing Skills     * Networking Skills            

* Listening Skills                    * Diversity Training            * Kindness Skills                 

* Presentation Skills              * Career Management          * Balancing Work/Family                    

The professionals at Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions are experienced, highly trained individuals, who remain on the cutting edge in their field, by acquiring professional certifications, through memberships to the most prestigious professional organizations and participating in fellowship programs that are well respected in the multi-media industry.

Our satisfied customers prove through long lasting relationships that Lisa Durden Unlimited Productions is the premier Multi-Media Company, to help them achieve their goals and realize there mission!!

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