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TV Appearance Press Announcements


Its Your Call with Lynn Doyle


2-13-06 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - What Is It Like Being Black In America
2-27-06 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - Reparations
6-1-06 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - TV Talk Stars We Love or Loathe
7_6_06 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - Race Relations
9_13_06 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - Pampering Prisoners
9_27_06 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - Interracial Dating
10_20_06 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - OJ Simpson


1-15-07 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - MLK day Are Blacks Better Off Now
8_13_07 It's Your Call With Lynn Doyle - Black On Black Crime


7_21_08 It's Your Call The Jessie Jackson Controversy

The Mike & Juliette Show

8_17_08 Appearance on The Morning Show Mike & Juliet on Interracial Dating
9_18_08 Appearance on The Morning Show Mike & Juliet on DL men in the Black Community
11_21_08 Appearance on The Morning Show Mike & Juliet topic Is It Normal!

Radio Appearance Press Announcements

3_27_06 On line interview He Said She Said Powertalkfm.com
4_4_06 Appearance on The Michael Baisden Show
7_28_06 A Guest on WPFW 89.3 about the down low
2_28_08 Appearance on The Kiss Wake Up Club

Awards Press Announcements

3_28_09_Women's Empowerment Forum_Essex County College
09_28_14 Progressive Achievers Awards

Event Coverage Press Announcements

9_27_14 Lisa Covered Oprah Live The Life You Want Weekend

Film Screenings Press Announcements

2_17_06 Winner Velvet Cuffs Best Doc Women Of Color Film Festival
5_13_07 HBFF Flyer
8_6_06 Winner of Best Documentar at Pocono Mountains Film Festival
9_14_06 Best Topic Award for Black Docs Film Series
12_19_06 Act Now Screening of Project WOW
2_25_08 Screening of Project WOW @ NY International Film & Video Festival

Speaking Engagments Press Announcements

10_21_07 The Flow @ Hueman Book Store
10_21_14_The City College of New York
2012_Host of Progressive Achievers WOMEN'S LUNCHEON
2014_Lisa is a panelist for UNSTOPPABLE GIRLS
Human Resources Management workshop flyer 122005 LisaDurden
LIsa is on the panen @ Youth Media Symposium
Newark Women's Conference 2014
6_3_2012 Lisa Host Progressive Achievers Luncheon
Paulo Friere 2015 Career Day Brochure
Lisa Hosts_WeCare Partners, Inc
09_28_14 Progressive Achievers Luncheon

Content Creator Press Annoncements

2_19_07 Project WOW featured on MY 9 News with Jennifer Jordan
3_28_06 The Down Low Exposed on BET
9_21_09 Brick City Airs on Sundance Channel
11_24_08 BETJ AID Show-005
12_4_14 Lisa is Outreach Coordinator Muslim Voice Newark Screening
12_6_14 Lisa is Outreach Coordinator MUSLIM VOICES Workshop flyer

Web Appearance Press Annoncements

10_20_09 Appearance on Fox Strategy Room Breaking News

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