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Bobbi Kristina Never Had A Chance!

Bobbi Kristina's death, on Sunday, July 26, 2015 was tragic!! I think we were all hoping that she would come out of the coma and turn her life around!! But unfortunately that didn't happen. Her death came nearly three years to the day of Whitney Houston’s death, which is so eerie. #BobbiKristina made it no secret how much she missed her mom since her death, which is what I think was the reason why she began living recklessly and spiraling out of control!! She was taking drugs, drinking and partying hard!! Something tells me that she was numb and using substances to medicate her pain.

Bobbi_Kristina_Me__Nick_Gordon.jpgIn 2012, I actually had the pleasure of speaking extensively with Bobbi Kristina and her fiancé, Nick Gordon, at the red carpet premiere of the #Lifetime docu-series, "Houstons On Our Own." We discussed if she thought that the show airing was too soon after her moms death and her response was, “No.” Krissi was actually very excited to be a part of the series because she wanted to share her life with people on her own terms, rather than from what the media and paparazzi reported. Bobbi Kristina was in great spirits!! She said that she knew her mom was looking down and wanted to make her proud of her accomplishments and to see that she could make it on her own. When she said, “They want us to fail, We won’t!” I believed her!! I believed she wanted so much to bounce back, but unfortunately, that’s impossible when you have people in your personal cypher who are living as recklessly as you are and Nick Gordon was that person. 


Don’t get me wrong, Bobbi & Nick were very lovely. We chilled, and talked over some great food, music and libation. They were both very, very, very regular and approachable. I enjoyed both of them. Krissi even gave me a big, familiar, hug when we parted and she didn’t know me from a can of paint. It was really sweet. But because I’m long in the tooth, deep down, I knew that those two were in the throws of addiction, but I was definitely rooting for them to come out on the other side.

Whitney_353online.com.jpgHowever, when it was announced that the “Whitney” biopic was coming to #Lifetime, I was worried!! By that time, I had a sense of Bobbi Kristina and I knew she wasn’t going to like it. Krissi actually wanted to play her mom in the movie but the Director Angela Bassett, rightfully so, said no!! “I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on her family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft,”Bassett told Entertainment Weekly. “This is a very fast-paced schedule; we have just 21 days to tell this story. It’s more than just saying lines and turning the lights on. You have to drive the story — there’s a technical aspect.”

Well, Bobbi Kristina wasn’t havin it!! She went on a very nasty #Twitter rant bashing #AngelaBassett. “Ha MsAng “basketcase” has such a damn nerve my lord, at least the world doesn’t mistake me for the wrong sex…she has some #XtraEquipment,” Brown tweeted. “When I win my first #Grammy or #Oscar, *Shrugs* hmmm whichever comes 1st, I’ll be sure 2shout URname out b – tch! Hah UrTestResults = Male. Lmao.” WOW!! She really ripped Angela!! But I’m glad that she eventually came to her senses and apologized. And I do think it was sincere.  

Ok, here’s the thing, while I absolutely agree that Bobbi Kristina wasn’t ready on any level to play the role of her mom #WhitneyHouston, maybe Angela could have let her play the young Whitney or involved her on the production in some way by allowing her to give her input. Needless to say, after the “Whitney” biopic premiered on Lifetime, January, 17, 2015, Bobbi Kristina was then found submerged under water in her tub a short two weeks later on January 31, 2015. While I do not blame Angela Bassett nor Lifetime in any way for what happened to Krissi, the coincidence is too close to ignore. Seeing the troubled life of her parents, #BobbyBrown and #WhitneyHouston played out on screen, was probably just too much too soon. Can you imagine having to relive your dysfunctional childhood in such a public way!!?? After the premiere, I’m sure she also had to endure the unkind social media trolls. There is no one defining moment that led up to Krissi’s tragic death, but I feel all of those elements played a role in taking her over the edge!!

The truth is, Bobbi Kristina was already spiraling out of control. We were all hopeful, but I don’t think anything could have saved her but her. However, because of Whitney Houston’s icon status, any story about her life is evergreen!! So while I love Lifetime like a fresh fruit salad, they could have held off for maybe a few more years before releasing the biopic and it would have still been must see TV!! I just think it was a little insensitive so soon after Whitney’s tragic death!! But I totally get that in the world of entertainment, it ain’t personal.


The fact of the matter is, Bobbi Kristina Never Had A Chance!! Unfortunately, she grew up for over fourteen years in a household of two drug addicted parents. And no amount of money can soften that kind of dysfunction. That’s what some people don’t seem to get!! The disease of drug addiction doesn’t discriminate!! I know from personal experience. I dated a guy in college whom I shall call “Summit,” who was a drug addict/alcoholic. And when I tell you that I went through pure HELL!! You don’t know the half. He smoked up his money on crack and would tell his mother I stole his rent money from him so he could manipulate her into giving him more money to feed his habit. “Summit” was always in and out of mood swings when he was either on dope or jonesing for a fix. He was always in and out of drug sleep and couldn’t be awakened. I mean I could go on but you get the point. Luckily I was an adult and I didn’t live with him, so I was able to leave his junkie a_s in a greasy spot and never look back. But an underaged, child who lives with their parents, in an addictive home, can’t do that!! They are totally dependent on the adult to take care of them, but instead of getting nurtured, they are forced to be the grown up who turns into the parent. Sadly, that is what I think life was like for Bobbi Kristina.

So it’s not surprising that Bobbi Kristina grew up to be a drug addict too. Her death should be a wake up call for ALL parents who are drug and alcohol addicted, to please STOP!! Get help!! Your child's life depends on it because unfortunately, as the old saying goes, “children don't do as you say, they do as you do!!” Bobby Brown should be ashamed of himself!! I don’t know if he feels some measure of guilt or culpability for Krissi following in his footsteps, but I hold him and Whitney responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s choice to go down the rabbit hole of abusing drugs and booze. That’s what she was familiar with!! That’s what she knew!! That’s what she was comfortable with!! It's just sad!! There are no winners here.

From the moment Whitney Houston got with Bobby Brown, people have always blamed the beautiful songstress’ drug addiction and impending down fall on him; even till now. Well the fact is, Whitney Houston was on drugs loooong before she met Bobby. In fact, her brother Michael Houston admitted in an Oprah interview that it wasn’t Bobby who introduced Whitney to drugs, he did!! He told how they had been freebasing cocaine together since the 1980’s. He shared that he was very young and didn’t know that doing cocaine was addictive. A lot of people didn’t know that back then. He sobbed as he expressed his sorrow for what happened and how he does blames himself for playing a role in her addiction. I can respect the fact that he takes responsibility for his contribution.

Of course over time, as Bobby and Whitney became an inseparable couple, he said she introduced him to, “the narcotic.” Bobby revealed that prior to dating Whitney, he was more of a drinker. Not that it matters. Drinking in excess and or drugging, is all a bad deal. I just wanted to address that rumor because it’s something that people are still debating. 


Back on December 4, 2002, when we all watched the Diane Sawyer “Primetime” special on Whitney Houston where she said the infamous quote, “Crack Is Wack,” I knew then, that she wouldn’t live long. Of course I hated thinking that. I loved Whitney!! I was a huge fan for years!! She’s a homegirl from my hometown of Newark, NJ. So the fact that those thoughts were in my head and heart was troubling. Many things that she said in that interview with Diane, lead me to know that she wouldn’t be with us much longer. One of the most disturbing things was when she said she went to rehab and left because one of the counselors were mean because he told her that 95% of addicts return to rehab. Ok, right then I knew she wasn’t ready yet!! She wasn’t ready to face the truth of her addiction!! Because the fact is, ADDICTION IS MEAN!! Not rehab!! I was truly hoping I was wrong about what I was feeling but as it turns out, sadly I wasn’t.  

After the announcement of Whitney’s tragic death on February 11, 2012, the world seemed to stop! We were all in shock at the passing of one of our most beloved icons. Everybody was immediately concerned with the wellbeing of Bobbi Kristina. She was so young to have to lose her mother. Unfortunately, she began acting out and living on the edge because she couldn’t cope with the loss of her mom. From what I understand, they were very, very close. Fast forward, nearly three years to the day of her mother’s death, Krissi died a few months after having been found in her tub unconscious, in a similar fashion to how they found Whitney. Although Bobbi Kristina’s death was tragic, I think she is at peace now.


Bobbi Kristina’s funeral took place on Saturday, August 1, 2015, at St. James United Methodist Church, in Alpharetta, GA. While we were all hoping that the funeral services would happen without incident, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Her aunt, Leolah Brown was thrown out of the memorial service after interrupting Pat Houston as she walked up to the podium to speak; causing drama!! “How dare you!! How dare you,” yelled Brown. “Whitney will haunt Pat from the grave!!” WOW!! I don’t know what that was about but something tells me this is only the beginning!! I think in the days and weeks to come, we are gonna see Bobby Brown wrangle #PatHouston in court to be the beneficiary of Bobbi Kristina’s estate, since he is her next of kin. I think we’re gonna see an investigation of her fiancé #NickGordon for those suspicious bruises found on Krissi’s body. Were they the result of domestic violence?? Were her injuries in any way connected to her death?? Only time will tell!!


Welp, “You have entered MY WORLD!! Where I tell it MY WAY!!”

 Image/s via abcnews.go.com, midshot_eonline.com, bet.com, lifeandstylemag.co

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Homophobes, Caitlyn Jenner Got The Espy!! Get Over It!

Ignorant HOMOPHOBES, Get Over It! Caitlyn Jenner Got The Espy!! Screw you haters who don’t like it!! Cluck yall!!  Yes, I’m pissed!! Yes, I’m in total disbelieve!! Yes, I’m thoroughly disgusted by this kind of ignorance, that’s still happening in 2015!! I’m a former championship track runner and as an athlete, I know that it takes EVERYTHING you have to achieve success at that level of athletics!! You give up your ENTIRE life!! So SHUT THE HELL UP!! Back up off of Caitlyn!! And let her have her day in peace!! IDIOTS!! 

Listen, the producers of the Espy Awards made the ABSOLUTE right decision to Honor #CaitlynJenner with The Arthur Ashe Courage Award.  "I think Caitlyn's decision to publicly come out as a transgendered woman and live as Caitlyn Jenner, displayed enormous courage and self-acceptance," Maura Mandt, ESPYs co-executive producer, tells Sports Illustrated. EXACTLY!! Understand, Bruce Jenner broke Olympic records!! Bruce Jenner is “The World’s Greatest Athlete!!” Bruce Jenner graced the cover of Wheaties Boxes!! So be real clear, being transgendered don’t change those facts!! How dare y’all to even flinch at the fact that she is deserving of such an award, because little do y’all know, this award is ALSO about athletes who do courageous things that transcends sports!! And Caitlyn is the poster child for that!!

QUESTION: Do y’all realize the courage it took for her to get her Adam’s apple surgically removed!!?? To y’all realize how courageous she has to be to decide to get gender reassignment surgery to remove her penis!!?? Who would choose to undergo that kind of elective surgery all nilly willy?? Would you?? Not me!! I couldn’t imaging the fear I would have if I had to get my breast removed because of a cancer diagnosis; so I wouldn’t even entertain the thought, unless it was life saving!  Do y’all realize how long Bruce Jenner lived a double life?? Do y’all realize that #BruceJenner suffered in silence as a man, when his soul, heart mind and body was a woman?? Can you imagine being vilified because of the skin you’re in?? Well I’m black so I do have some idea!! And trust me, IT AIN’T NO WALK IN THE PARK!! Sadly, #CaitlynJenner’s pain dates back to his childhood!! Only a monster wouldn’t EMPATHIZE with the pain that she was in all these years?? Over these decades, Bruce has been sneaking on women’s clothing to feel normal!! To feel happy!! Even if for a brief moment!! He even stopped and started hormone therapy intermittently over the years, but abandoned the process because he felt very conflicted and guilty as he looked into his young children’s eyes. He just didn’t want to take them though that kind of drama and hurt. That’s admirable! I wish more parents were that unselfish!! Now that her kids are grown, Caitlyn Jenner is doing her!! And I’m loving it! 

STOP IT! And STOP IT NOW!! Let Caitlyn enjoy her moment in peace!! No you don’t have to agree with her receiving this honor!! No you don’t have to agree with her being transgendered!! This is America and you have the freedom not to! But those people who are sending death threats and social media hate messages, YOU AUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!! Are you gonna miss a meal because she was honored at the Espys?? Are you gonna loose sleep because she was honored at the Espys?? Are you gonna lose your life because she was honored at the Espys??  Ok, so what the #cluck is the problem?? As the old saying goes, “Live and Let Live!!” Here’s a thought, try taking the high road by being an advocate, rather than an adversary!!  Or is that, as they say, “too right??”


Oh yes, I was watching the Espys and pumping my fist: “go Caitlyn, “go Caitlyn, “go Caitlyn, “go Caitlyn, go, go, go, go, go!! LOL. She marched on that stage in that gorgeous designer, white, gown, her long, flowy, weave and spoke so eloquently about her courageous journey!! “I wanted to come out because I didn’t want to hurt anyone else,” she explained. “Transgender people deserve something vital!! They deserve your respect!!  It’s about accepting people for who they are!!” Very well said!! In my view, that’s not asking too much!! Acceptance doesn’t in any way mean you must agree with or like her. OMG, Is It Only Me!!?? 



They say that change hurts!! Maybe Caitlyn getting the Espy is one small step against homophobia. BTW, anybody who is pissed off after reading my blog post, YOU JUST TOLD ON YOURSELF!! If the shoe fits, wear it!! If it don't apply, let it fly!! Oh, and for those of you who want to learn about her journey, I suggest y'all watch her docu-series, "I Am Cait," premiering on E!, 8pm ET, Sunday, July 26, 2015. It's gonna be must see TV!!


#CaitlynJenner, #Transgender, #TheEspyAwards, #homophobia, #TheArthurAsheCourageAward, #LisaDurdenPopCultureCommentator. #LisaDurdenPoliticalCommentator.  



Welp, “You have entered MY WORLD!! Where I tell it MY WAY!!”

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Orange Is The New Black Is My New Crack!!

Have y’all seen season 3 of Orange Is The New Black?? I fiiiiiinally finished watching the last episode today and it was worth ever toothpick in my eyelids!! LOL. I tried to binge watch all of the episodes in one sitting, but I had to spread them out over the course of two weeks because ‘ain’t nothing goin on but the rent!!’ So I had to break away from the television to take my happy a_s to bed, in order to get up and go to work everyday. LOL. Unemployment ain’t cute!! #Ain’tNobodyGoTimeForThat!! LOL. Yes, I could have watched them during my spare time on my mobile phone or #iPad like I do short video clips of all kinds of stuff, but I prefer watching long form shows on traditional television because I enjoy laying in bed, under the covers, with the remote control in my hand and a huge mug of hot, herbal, tea on my night stand, as I leisurely flip channels to my favorite shows, like #OITNB. Actually I get #Netflix on #Roku, so technically, it’s not traditional television, but you get the point.

Lisa Durden & "Cazy Eyes"I got into #OITNB late in the game last season. But once I saw the first episode, I was hooked! The drama at the infamous #LitchfieldFederalCorrectionalInstitution, was calling my name. It had all the elements of what I would think prison life would be like.  I actually had no idea that the concept for the show came from the book, “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison,”written by #PiperKerman. So of course I bought the book and devoured it!! To my surprise, I found myself wondering when #OITNBSeason3 was premiering. Months passed, NOTHING!!  I stalked every single actress from the series who appeared on talk shows, hoping they would spill the beans about when season 3 was being released; NOTHING! So I began to jones like a fiend!! My addiction got so out of control I started an #OITNB self-help group in my head and when I introduced myself to me at the first meeting, I said, “hi, my name is Lisa Durden, and Orange Is The New Black Is My Crack!!” #LMFBAO!! OMG Is It Only Me?? Didn’t it feel like it took forever for #OITNBSeason3 to premiere?? #Usie!


Sofia BursetFinally, on July 12, 2015, season 3 of Orange Is The New Black was released on Netflix and it did not disappoint!! TRUST!! There’s a lot of sex, rape, crime, scams, love and drama happening in every…single…episode!! For you slow pokes who have yet to watch season 3, I won’t spoil it for you by giving blow by blow details, I’ll just give you the juicy highlights!! For starters, this season, I was pleased to see that they expanded the storylines of some of my favorite black characters; #SofiaBurset, played by #LavernCox, Suzanne “#CrazyEyes” Warren, played by #UzoAduba, #PousseyWashington,  played by #SamiraWhiley and #CindyHayes played by #AdrienneCMoore. I get so sick of shows that have black main characters as wall paper, just to say, “see, we have black characters; we’re down with diversity.” Do these Hollywood “Blue Suits” think we don’t see right through the game?? Pa-leez!! Although we did see more of Lavern Cox’s character, Sofia, I’m still hungry to see even more of her. It just isn’t enough!! I wonder why her character isn’t more expansive?? Is it because she’s transgendered and they don’t know what to do with her because she’s in a woman’s prison?? Who knows, but it would be nice for her to have some more burn time on the camera.

PiperCharacter, Piper “Dandelion” Chapman played by #TaylorSchilling, is a bad ass this season. She’s back and she ain’t taking no sh@t from those bitcheeez!! LOL. I don’t know where she got her brass balls from but she is walking around that prison like she’s runnin’ thangs up in there!! #PiperChapman smartened up and figured out a way to make some heavy money in a criminal enterprise, where she has prison guards and prisoners on her payroll. Yeah, some real mafia type ‘ish.’  I was thinking, “ok girl, handle your biz-ness!!” However, I did wonder how all the women in the prison, suddenly became afraid of #Piper’s punk a_s?? She’s all of 100 pounds soaking wet, so I don’t get why these much bigger, tougher, prisoners are letting her push them around like she can bang!! Any one of them can grab her by her hair and swing her around like a rag doll.  LOL. I can’t fight and I think I can take her. LOL. It doesn’t seem realistic, but I guess it was an attempt for the writer to diversify her storyline. Eh, not convincing, but it’s entertaining.

Piper, Stella & AlexNow for the sex, if you’re wondering, yes, Piper is still dating her girlfriend #AlexVause, played by #LauraPrepon. But, there is trouble in paradise, because she’s not down with Piper’s new bad girl behavior. Alex is getting turned off by her cold, heartless, attitude and she tells her so!! Of course, sparking heated lover’s quarrels. Although I love the argumentative drama, again, I’m confused?? How is Alex, who has been a heartless, lying, criminal, drug mule, who set Piper up last season to take the fall and who would sell her momma to the highest bidder, suddenly #MotherTeresa?? What is the writer #JenjiKohan thinking?? Is she trying to convince us that she’s suddenly got a moral compass?? NOPE, don’t buy it!! NOPE, don’t like it!! NOPE, don’t want it!! I need the “#clucked” up Alex back who I’ve come to know and love to hate!! LOL.  So while these two prison pals are scratching each others eyes out, in comes a new, hot, sexy character #StellaCarlin, played by #RubyRose, who’s dangerous and down for whatever!! This love fest has more twists and turns than one of the highest roller coaster in the world, the Kindsa Ka at #SixFlagsGreatAdventures! LOL.

Crazy Eyes#CrazyEyes isn’t so crazy this season; which is both disappointing and intriguing!! It’s real cool that they give us a chance to see what goes on in her crazy little head through her writing. Surprisingly, she gains popularity and respect from many of her fellow inmates, as they get a glimpse of her work and commission her for more!! A little romance is heating up for her too, that’s really kinda sweet. I’m glad that she is being pursued because her desperation last season was starting to scare me; in a good way!! I thought she was gonna rape Piper.  Would have been must see TV!! Just when I thought Crazy Eyes was a hungry sex hound, they dropped the bomb that she’s a virgin! Yup!! She’s a virgin.

#Red ain’t mean no more, what the cluck!! Character Galina 'Red' Reznikov, played by #KateMulgrew has gone soft!! #DISASTER! This season of #OITNB is good, it’s entertaining, it’s riveting, but seems to be a little too warm and fuzzy!! A little too Kumbaya!! A little too coochie crunch!! It’s a virtual love fest amongst all of the prisoners, which is sooo…not…‘prisonish!!’ LOL. I need to see ongoing fights, drugs, theft, murders and down right debauchery in my prison shows. I’m sorry!! Without those elements it might as well be some random drama series, not a prison drama. In this season of #OITNB, the prisoners are becoming like a loving family, which to me, is glorifying prison life, rather than scaring the sh@t out of us!!

It would have been hot if they would have brought back that menacing character Yvonne "Vee" Parker, played by #LorraineToussaint, to jump off the real gangsta #shananagans. I shivered from pure fear when I saw her on the screen last season. They teased us during various episodes by mentioning her but nope, no #Vee in season 3.  Although season 3 of Orange Is The New Black isn’t as gritty and ‘greezy’ as seasons 1 & 2, it’s still my new crack!!  

Sidebar, I had the amazing opportunity to meet actress Uzo Aduba and Lea DeLeria at a New York event recently and they were both amazing, super nice and totally approachable!!  #Usie!

Welp, “You have entered MY WORLD!! Where I tell it MY WAY!!”

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