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Mireku Studios

Mireku Studios

Rich Poor People....Really??

Who gives a flying 'cluck!!' if bratty rich folks worry about money!! REALLY?? REALLY rich people?? You've gotta be kidding me!! I thought I heard it all until I read this #Forbes article about how rich people are anxious about being poor. Isn't that an oxymoron?? LOL. Ok, according to Forbes, it's the top 10% of the wealthy people who worry the most about poverty, because having more, does not cause less anxiety. Are they “for-real!!??” Did the writer of that article bump her head?? Were my eyes deceiving me?? Well, if that's the case, then what the hell does having less cause!!?? DEATH!! LOL.


Landlords Are Not ATM's!!!

I just had a really really ignorant conversation with a man who was trying to convince me that his landlord, had no humanity, because he evicted him and his girlfriend, after not getting the rent for 4 months and felt he should have continued to wait for the rent until the girlfriend got her disability check, after having had a heart attack and a stroke. Owa…kaaaa…ya, how long did this narcissist want the landlord to wait; until the he was foreclosed on??

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